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Blindfield is a game about two blind people searching for treasure in a minefield.

This is a game with an audience. Two players share an Xbox controller, holding one side each behind their backs. They stand so they are unable to see the screen.

The audience can see the screen and are able to be heard by the players (but the game should be turned up loud).

Each player controls one of the coloured circles on the screen. They both have metal detectors that work in different ways. One of them has a long range detector that vibrates when they are moving in the direction of the treasure, but gets weaker as it gets closer. The other has a short range detector that gets stronger, the closer it gets to the treasure. When both players are standing on the treasure, they win.

The audience’s job is to guide the two players, to help them find each other without stepping on any mines.

The game was made at Splash Jam, which you can read more about here.